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There are some amazing Lenormand Cards out there are some amazing sites with great info regarding Lenormand... Meanings are normally straight forward and to the point but occasionally a deck may add another depth because of the artist's imagery...

Some incredible artists have created an array of beautiful Decks and some variations of decks

A Selection of Lenormand Decks 

Vintage Lenormand Gibson 

Old School Lenormand 

Energetic Lenormand 

Carrie Paris
Valentine Lenormand 
I laid out the bottom 3 first
Bear, Clover and Man-
Protector, good luck and a man in your life..
This man is a protector and shares good luck
Middle Row'
Mountain, Bird and Woman
A woman in your life brings obstacles, through gossip, mental chatter ...
Top Row..
House, Ring, Coffin
Security, union with endings of the old, transformations...

Today 2nd September...
From Mystikal Lenormand
 Click her for website  (In German)

House - security, home, house,, family home,  building
Clover- Lucky, Good fortune (small), need to look, be aware, miss the moment if not looking for it...
These two cards bring a sense of a happy home, a home that is secure and offers richness within ...

There are many cards based on Lenormand eg Le Normand (Orphalese Software)

Today's Lenormand Card comes from Space Age Lenormand (Orphalese Download )


Lisa has created this beautiful Lenormand deck
To see Lisa's Website .. with a huge amount of info and resources.....
Click here 

For Something a Little Different See Paris Debono The Fortune Teller
Lenormand and Gypsy Decks Incredible (I am saving to get a deck maybe several when I can )

Lenormand By Ciro Marchetti
Beautiful Artwork 

For info you have to check out Ciro's Site ... wow ...Artwork and Cards...

Want to know more about Lenormand Cards 

Lenormand Meanings 

My Thoughts re meanings ... 
But there are many school of thoughts ...

1. The Rider-news on the way, a journey started, the querant ....
2. The Clover-Lucky card, blooming and positive
3. The Ship-travel, overseas connection, movement
4. The House-home, property, solid, secure
5. The Tree-growth, growing, stronger
6. The Clouds-thoughts, worries, nebulous, difficult to understand, negative
7. The Snake-Deceit, wisdom
8. The Coffin-transformation, ending, illness.. Wait is implied ....
9. The Flowers-Happiness, young girls, positive
10. The Scythe- Cutting free from someone, something.
11. The Whip-Strife, quarrels, punishment
12. The Bird-Chatter, gossip
13. The Child- Children, early stages of something, positive
14. The Fox-Sly, untruthful, clever, foxy
15. The Bear-Big, strong, boldness, protector
16. The Star-Shining future, wishes come true, positive
17. The Stork-loyalty, travel, important occasion
18. The Dog- loyalty, friendship, friend
19. The Tower-powerful card, Long life, Occult card
20. The Garden-positive place to meet, where people gather
21. The Mountain-Foreign affairs, important, big, obstacle to climb over
22. The Road-a new direction, travel, changes
23. The Mouse-loss, not be trusted, negative
24. The Heart-love, positive, happy
25. The Ring-relationship, romantic, positive
26. the Book-things yet to be revealed, book, learning, publishing.
27. The Letter-News, contract, communication
28. The Man-masculine energy...
29. The woman-feminine energy
30. The Lily-A bright card, professional life, illness overcome .
31. The Sun-Warm, positive card, everything turn out all right
32. The Moon-An invitation, proposition, honour, positive
33. The Key-overcoming pain, unlocking a situation ....
34. The Fish-Fortune, money, business, dreams
35. The Anchor-Security, things remaining settled, positive
36. The Cross- Card of destiny, can mean pain or require the querant to be strong and
self-contained. Occult card...


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