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Youtube Hashtag- working with a deck over the next few months .....
To get to know it intimately ..

This page shares my thoughts on different Tarot Decks I have worked with over time ..
.New decks added all the time ... these pages also share some readings, draws from the decks as I understand about the imagery within the card, through description, my own thoughts and opinions and the Authors thoughts re this card...

Astrology from Esoteric Almanac 
beginning with Dec/January 2019 

Featured From the Tarot Community 

My Thoughts, opinions and videos, links 
to check out Justine's Website, Etsy Store. 

Serafina Modern Tarot 

My Review, My Thoughts and Opinions 
How You Can Order Your 
Own Deck? 
How You Can Learn 
From Serafina's Youtube Channel ...

Reading I Did
In relation to
How we would work
Back of the Cards 

Card Bags That
Serafina Makes ...

Coffee Tarot 
My Review, My thoughts and opinions ..

Daily Readings with this Deck 
I really want to promote this deck I love the imagery..
I have watched this deck from the very first drawing, idea.... the inspiration 
for the deck has grown to a full 78 card deck with a full Companion Book available to order..
I can't wait to work with this deck myself....

This Blog shows my artwork

A journey from the Past..
but there may be articles you may find interesting

TV Series I have watched and enjoyed 
This is a very small selection of what I have actually watched, need to add some new ones..

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My Thoughts and Opinions

Why Do Readers Read Cards Differently?

The Songs of My Heart ...

Coffee Tarot Review

Serafina's Tarot

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