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Reading Sale Page 
This Page gives Spreads I use with Specific Cards and the prices .... 
Updated List of Divination Cards May 23rd, 2018 ...

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Who Am I? 
About Me -

Why HeKate's Crossing? 

What is a Tarotoligist? 

This page shares my thoughts on different Tarot Decks I have worked with over time ..
.New decks added all the time ... these pages also share some readings, draws from the decks as I understand about the imagery within the card, through description, my own thoughts and opinions and the Authors thoughts re this card...

Astrology from Esoteric Almanac 
beginning with Dec/January 2019 

Featured From the Tarot Community 

Coffee Tarot 
My Review, My thoughts and opinions ..

Daily Readings with this Deck 
I really want to promote this deck I love the imagery..
I have watched this deck from the very first drawing, idea.... the inspiration 
for the deck has grown to a full 78 card deck with a full Companion Book available to order..
I can't wait to work with this deck myself....

This Blog shows my artwork

A journey from the Past..
but there may be articles you may find interesting

TV Series I have watched and enjoyed 
This is a very small selection of what I have actually watched, need to add some new ones..

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