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Some of the Decks 


These Decks I Created are Great for 

This is a Software that can be used for E-mail Tarot and Oracle Readings, 
Study and learning... Having access to a huge range of Tarot/Oracle and other Divination Cards, Runes, I-ching,  and so much more .... 
Create your own deck to ADD ... 

Spreads, comes with three spreads, create your own .....

Edit the meanings of each card your self....

Some of these decks have been created for fun by some amazing artists and creators..... 

Access a Forum for discussion re decks .... 

My Thoughts Re Orphalese Software

The Tarot and Oracle Decks on This Page .....

The Decks I created ....

The Sets can also be printed out and used for your own use.... I don't mind if you use them for paid readings  but please do not alter the images in anyway ... 
You can print or use the Cards online.... The choice is yours.. but please give credit to Vesta's Art or HeKate's Xing (depending on the Set you use.) 
Thank You and Blessings  sent your way...

Oracle Cards 

To Look at the decks individually... Click Here 

Vesta's Art Crystal and Chakra Healing Oracle- Zip File 

Archangel Oracle- Be Open To Love by HeKate's Xing-  File 

HeKate's Xing Thought's Oracle- Zip File 

Oracle Information

Oracle Manuals Available For Selected Decks ... 

Vesta's Art Oracle Deck Manual - Pdf File 
Vesta's Art Love Oracle Manual- Pdf File 
Vesta's Art Healing Oracle Manual- Pdf File 
Vesta's Art Inspirational Oracle Manual- Pdf File 

Tarot Decks 

These Tarot Decks I created and have been updating ....Click Here - To see Imagery of the Decks...

Vesta's Art Sacred Fractal Tarot Deck -Zip File ( Major Arcana Only) 

HeKate's Xing Arty Tarot- Zip File (Major's Only Deck)

HeKate's Crossing Purple Tarot - Zip File  (Major Arcana Only)  


To learn Tarot - File  Pdf

Vesta's Art Tarot Deck Manual- File Pdf

Vesta's Art Sacred Fractal Tarot Deck- The Major Arcana Only -File Pdf

More Info Re Tarot Decks ...

Vesta's Art Tarot 

See The Videos of each Suit plus the Major Arcana Introduction

To See Gifs... of each deck 

To see the images  of each deck look at the gifs I created...


My Thoughts and Opinions

Adding a new feature with Soul Energy Clearing ... Past Life Reading ..

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